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    William DeMeo


I am a postdoc in the Math Department at University of Hawaii (2016–2017). In fall 2017 I will move to University of Colorado, Boulder.

I have worked at Iowa State University (2014–2016) and University of South Carolina (2012–2014).

My primary research area is universal algebra; current projects focus on lattice theory, computational complexity, and universal algebraic approaches to constraint satisfaction problems. Other research interests include logic, computability theory, type theory, category theory, functional programming, dependent types, and proof-carrying code.

Most of my research papers are posted on my Math arXiv page or my CS arXiv page. A more comprehensive collection of my work resides in my Github repositories.

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What does a nonabelian group sound like?

The GroupSound project is about harmonic analysis on finite groups. Classical dsp filtering algorithms can be implemented as operations involving functions (e.g., audio signals) defined on a finite group. That is, the group serves as the domain, or “index set,” of the functions. In this project, we explore the idea of using the finite group as an adjustable parameter of a digital audio filter.

Cloning an Octopress Repo

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When attempting to clone my Octopress repository on a new machine, I had the same Updates were rejected problem that is described on this page. Based on the information provided on that page, combined with a few other commands required for Ubuntu machines, this post provides instructions for cloning an Octopress repository.